Indonesiana, Jalan-jalan

The Town Where I Grew Up

This is the 3rd week since I step this town. Believe it or not, there were a lot of change since I left for college. The neighborhood has changed, and will always, evolving to its would-be-identity. In 1900, this place didn’t exist in our map. Now, it has became a place for many prospectors (I use that terms for anyone who seek fortune here). It’s all started with an exploration.


And this, prospectors from the overseas. There are groups of expatriates in Duri since the beginning of exploration. In our community, we held many event together, to remind about our goals and the importance of relationships. In such place, we can’t live well if we don’t have anybody to share with.


Below, these are pictures of my house, my brother, and my sister. Miss them really much. You won’t know how hard you miss your family until you do.



And this is me, trying to conquer my own fear…